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We are daughter Inka and mother Erja Luomanmäki from Helsinki, Finland. The journey with the Cirneco dell’Etnas started in 1997. The Italian Greyhounds became a part of our lives two years later, in 1999.

We acquired our affix ”Iosono” in 2000. Iosono is Italian and it means ”I am” (io=I, sono=am) in English.

Our first Cirneco dell’Etna litter was born 2000 and the first Italian Greyhound litter in 2007. So far we have bred 20 Cirneco litters and 8 Italian Greyhound litters.


The first dog of Inka, Cirneco dell’Etna Bambi (1997-2012), was imported from Italy. Bambi became Multi Champion and the foundation bitch of the Iosono Cirnecos. Bambi’s influence in breeding can be seen in Cirneco population around the world – especially in Finland but also in the US. Bambi had two litters, the first one was born in 2000 by Felix del Gelso Bianco and the second one in 2001 by the famous Totò. We are eternally grateful for Bambi’s breeders Domenico Tricomi and Jane Moore (Hadranensis) for being our mentors and good friends during these years.

The first Italian Greyhound of ours was from well-known Necku kennel by respected Teija Urpelainen: FI CH (+ three lure coursing certificates) Necku C’est Cela (1999-2003). Necku C’est Cela became the mother of our foundation bitch: World Winner, Specialty BIS Winner, Finnish Champion Necku Iosono Vicenza (2003-2017). Vicenza’s daughter FI CH Iosono Fiamma (sired by Movado Ric Rosso) continues the bloodline.

All our dogs are dear family members; the Cirnecos live at Inka’s home and the Italian Greyhounds at Erja’s. We do dog shows, lure coursing, track racing and agility with our dogs. Iosono Diamante (Tosca) & Inka competed on the 3rd level (the highest level) in agility and Iosono Champagne (Sienna) competes on the 1st level.

Our dogs have been highly awarded also in all breed level. We placed 6th in Top Breeder of the Year (all breeds) in Finland 2019 and 12th in 2018. We have bred or owned Top Winning Cirnecos in Finland 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Our dogs have achieved World and European Winner titles and many other Champion or winner titles, group wins or placements. However, success is not what we require in breeding – the most important thing to us is that the dogs bred by us live a happy and healthy life with their families.

Due to a small genepole in both breeds we have imported dogs from Italy, UK, Belgium, Sweden and France. We have often travelled abroad for matings in order to maintain the correct breed type and temperament.

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Iosono Cirneco dell’Etna
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